I do not see myself as a service provider because I do not sell any specific service. You compensate me for my time with you as this entails opportunity costs for me. A meeting allows us to get to know each other and what we like - leading to tremendous possibilities. How you are with me defines what I can be for you - companion, friend, guide, lover, husband, wife, or mistress! Others perform and provide, I rather engage and participate - a true partner who is present when you want and absent when you don't.

Your time with me shall remain utterly confidential and keeping it that way does not warrant any form of compensation/reward. I CANNOT accept gifts/gestures of any kind which connote a price tag for my discretion (it is free). A generous gesture is best enjoyed when you can simply keep it that way - I like to win your confidence and trust than be a recipient of an insult.

I appreciate that you respect my terms as indicated and not initiate further discussion on what is clearly addressed. Usual arrangements with loyal friends will be honoured. Please be assured that I am exclusive to you for the entire duration of our agreed engagement.

For contact call: +49 (0) 152 - 13 48 48 66 (no SMS)